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2012 Craft Brewery Economic Impact By State [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Brewers Association released some financial data today showing some pretty impressive numbers coming from America’s craft breweries. 

In 2012, craft breweries contributed $33.9 billion dollars to the United States economy. This number is derived from the impact of craft beer passing though the three-tier system. (That’s brewery to wholesaler, to retailers.) This data includes non-beer products such as food from craft brewpubs too.

“With a strong presence across the 50 states and the District of Columbia, craft breweries are a vibrant and flourishing economic force at the local, state and national level,” said Bart Watson, staff economist, Brewers Association. “As consumers continue to demand a wide range of high quality, full-flavored beers, small and independent craft brewers are meeting this growing demand with innovative offerings, creating high levels of economic value in the process.”

Which states came out on top? California might be a no-brainer based on size, and brewery per-capita.


State 2012 Output
California $4.7 billion
Texas $2.3 billion
New York $2.2 billion
Pennsylvania $2.0 billion
Colorado $1.6 billion

When you break it down to economic impact per-capita, things look a little different.

BA 2012 State Economic Impact Per Capita

State 2012 Output/Capita
Oregon $448.56
Colorado $436.50
Vermont $418.57
Maine $324.36
Montana $315.37

One thing is certain- America is thirsty for craft beer. As we here at Beer Street Journal say – Keep drinking…