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10 Barrel to match funds raised for ‘anti 10 Barrel banner’

Sometimes the best way get back at your enemies is kill them with kindness. 10 Barrel Brewing looks like they are taking they are going to take the high road when it comes to their objectors.

A San Diego beer fan (going by the same name on GoFundMe) has raised over $2,000 dollars to fly a banner of the 10 Barrel San Diego Brewpub grand opening party this weekend. The banner is slated to read ’10 Barrel is Not Craft Beer’.

A few of our readers have noted across social media that $2K sounds like a waste of money. That’s cash that could be spent on something more worthwhile.

Within an hour of publishing our piece about the banner, 10 Barrel reached out in about an effort of their own. For each dollar raised from the GoFundMe campaign, 10 Barrel will match it, and donate it to local charities.

10 Barrel co-founder sent over this statement:

“While we really appreciate these efforts increasing the awareness of the opening of the pub, it’s a shame these folks aren’t putting their time and money into more important civil causes and helping those truly in need.  With that, we’ll be pouring some great beers on May 27th and hope many new friends come join us,” – Garrett Wales, 10 Barrel Brewing co-founder.

3 thoughts on “10 Barrel to match funds raised for ‘anti 10 Barrel banner’

  1. Way to go 10 barrel!! Match the funds and give to the less fortunate. I saw on your 10 year anniversary in Bend Or , your company raised $21,000 that went to local charities. I think San Diego can get behind a business like that.

  2. Even though they were bought out by Bud I hope that things dont change and they continue to grow. Still enjoy going to the local pub here as well as the one in Bend when Im in town. Cheers

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