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Now Is Your Chance to Design Monday Night’s Next Clip On Series Release

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, GA) has just released their Serrano Eye Patch Ale in six packs for the first time. This is the first release in a new Clip-On Series. The best part? You don’t just get to drink these new beers, you get to be involved in the process.

Monday Night Serrano Eye Patch is riff on their year round English-style IPA, Eye Patch Ale. Using fresh cut serrano peppers, the result is a spicer take on a usual suspect. This is where you come in.

Monday Night has enlisted Beer Street Journal’s audience’s help to create the next beers in the series. So it’s time to get creative. Monday Night’s year round lineup includes Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, Nerd Alert Pseudo-pilsner, Blind Pirate Imperial IPA, Fu ManBrew Ginger Wit, and of course- Eye Patch IPA. Using these base recipes as inspiration, time to make it your own. Monday Night already got you started with Serrano Eye Patch. Now you grab a beer and get creative.

Leave your ideas in the comments below and Monday Night will choose the best. Once we have style picked out, then come back and we name it.

What’s your idea? Give it a shot. Tell us below. A test batch of the winning brew will be available on draft at the brewery. You and 10 of your closest friends can attend the launch at Monday Night so start brainstorming.

Extended! Though 11:59 pm on June 1st!

  • Marcus Rutherford

    Coffee saison, using a citrusy/fruity blend of coffee

  • Ken Wardle

    Honey Lemon Fu ManBrew

  • Ken Wardle

    Black Cherry and chocolate Drafty Kilt

  • kfordham281

    Pineapple Fu ManBrew

  • Grapefruit Blind Pirate

  • Matt Porritt

    For a summer release: Nerd CAP – Sub 20-25% of the malt in Nerd Alert with flaked corn. Finish with plenty of Motueka hops for big lemon/lime character.

  • Matt Porritt

    For a fall release: Drafty Kilt with maple sugar and apples.

  • ugAmiller91

    Fu Manbrew with toasted coconut + lemongrass
    Peach cobbler Drafty kilt (A giant middle finger to Budweiser)

  • StarkIndustries

    Smoked almond and vanilla bean Drafty Kilt.

  • Scrotum Repair

    Mango and ranch dressing black Saison

    • Matt Porritt

      this oh please this

    • This one isn’t bad.

  • Scrotum Repair

    Seriously, just brew beer.

  • West Ferry

    Tropical Wheat. Refreshing American wheat with loads of either Falconer’s Flight or Citra. Perfect summer brew.

  • Ken Wardle

    tamarind citrus fu man brew

    • Ken Wardle

      maybe key lime as the citrus

  • Bruce Susel

    Peachy wheat using Belgian yeast. Sort of like a Belgian peche only a bit breadier

  • PJ Torres

    Mandarin oranges Fu Man Brew, Smoked Nerd Alert, Mango Blind Pirate

  • Ken Wardle

    cucumber lime nerd alert

  • Ken Wardle

    huckleberry nerd alert

  • Colin Ake

    Licorice Porter.

  • Bryan

    Coffee infused Drafty Kilt.

  • Blackberry Porter

  • scott tull

    Flip Fu Man Brew into a gose using soy sauce? Maybe play off of sushi themes and potentially pickle the ginger before using it. It would be a refreshing drink after snorting a line of wasabi!

  • Scott

    Now that you’re pepper-brewing experts, how about a smoked-poblano riff on FuMan? Call it, “Fume-Ancho.”

  • Julie Puckett

    Scurvy Pirate: Blind Pirate IPA brewed with grapefruit and lemon zest.

    Frosty Kilt: Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale brewed with clove, aged in bourbon barrels (winter release

  • rachel

    maple bacon drafty kilt

  • hoopz574

    Vanilla and cinnamon Drafty Kilt

    Apple cinnamon Nerd Alert

  • Skye Mullarkey

    Fu ManBleu…blueberry wit beer

  • Skye Mullarkey

    Dark and drafty…drafty kilt ginger beer

  • Liz Allen

    Something infused with coffee beans like Bed Head, but maybe a stout instead of an IPA

  • Brian Graaf

    Sour Scotchman: soured drafty kilt aged in oak

  • Adam Eskew

    Combine Drafty Kilt and Blind Pirate. Use the malt profile of Drafty with the Hop additions of Blind Pirate. Basically a Black DIPA. Call it Blind Scotsman.

  • GM

    Strip down the fu manbrew to a very basic wit. Take our the ginger and fancy stuff.

  • Patrick

    Graham Cracker Drafty Kilt – adds a honey/cinnamon flavor into the mix

    Bacon BedHead- A coffee and bacon infused imperial IPA (everyone loves bacon)

    Blood Orange FuManBrew- super citrusy and tart flavor blend with ginger to create an awesome taste

  • Tracy

    Fu Man brewed as a Brett or Sour

  • Willie Beamen

    Peg leg. Blind pirate aged on oak staves.

  • Skye Mullarkey

    Drafty kilt butterscotch ale

  • Daniel Lago

    Enlightened Fu ManBrew – Infused with Elderflower and Lavender

  • Skye Mullarkey

    When will the winning flavor be announced?

    • Skye, we are going to extend the suggestions through today. The brewery will discuss this week, then the naming part will occur. Have any more ideas, submit today!

      • Skye Mullarkey

        any selection ever made?

  • J. Williams

    Dark and Stormy Fu ManBrew Ginger wit – rum barrel aged

  • Ryan S

    Chocolate and Espresso infused Drafty Kilt

  • Ken Wardle

    grilled watermelon nerd alert

  • Mike

    Fu Manbrew Wit with cucumber, mint, and black + white peppercorns – clean and refreshing for the hot summer coming on now in the South