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A juice explosion: Boulevard Jam Band

Boulevard Jam Band

Boulevard Jam Band, a draft exclusive, hits taps this month.

The latest in the Smokestack Series is a fruity one. The base beer is created with two-row barley, acidulated malt, and Topaz hops. The “humongous” fruit character (jammy?) comes from blueberry, red raspberry, and tart cherry juice blended at the end of fermentation.

Jam Band pours a deep ruby and opens with aromas of dark berries, melon and subtle citrus. Minimal, supporting malt sweetness provides a platform from which blueberry, red raspberry and tart cherry sing resulting in a slightly tart, easy-drinking summer beer that begs for an encore.

Boulevard Jam Band debuted on July 10th in the brewery’s home of Kansas City, Missouri. Look for it across the brewery’s footprint throughout July.

Style: Fruit Beer (w/ Cherry Juice. Raspberry Juice. Blueberry Juice.)
Availability: Draft only.
Debut: 7/10/17

7% ABV, 6 IBUs

Image: Boulevard Brewing Co.