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Yes America, You CAN Invest In Brewdog

There has been some confusion surrounding Brewdog Brewing’s Equity For Punks Program.  The rumor mill has started people thinking that Equity For Punks is NOT available to North Americans.  This is far from the case.

It boils down a legal issue that essentially forces the brewery to state North Americans are excluded as investors.  Brewdog would like to send a message to those reading across the North American continent, your money IS good here.   The only thing that stands in your way of investing with one of the most radical and innovative breweries in Europe is a bank matter.  You must accept that the UK Financial Service Authority’s regulatory standing, and as a regulatory body.  It’s the UK version of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Instead of spending your money on some lame-o computer stock, you get a chance to invest in craft beer.  Sounds like a perfect pickup line to me – “Yeah, I’m an investor in a European brewing company.”  Those choosing to invest in Brewdog will reap these benefits:

  • Benefit financially from our future growth through dividends and also an increase in the value of your shareholding.
  • Lifetime discount in all of our BrewDog Bars
  • Lifetime discount on our online shop
  • Exclusive first options on all our special and limited edition beers
  • Invites to our (soon to be legendary) AGMs
  • Being able to participate in our annual by shareholders, for shareholders beer.
  • Having your say in how the company is run
  • Owning your very own part of BrewDog
  • Sell and trade your shares on or at a potential later listing
  • A welcome pack with some killer, shareholder only BrewDog merchandise including your awesome shareholder ID card.
  • Literally become richer with every BrewDog beer you drink

Investing online is easy.  Use your magic internet machine and head on over to:  Decide your investment amount, use your American address, pay, and boom – you’re now one of the punks.  Simple.

What good would a Brewdog venture be without a good video

Equity for Punks 2011 from BrewDog on Vimeo.