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A Few Years & $1 Million Later, Samuel Adams Cans Arrive

Boston Beer, makers of Samuel Adams, didn’t just accept the current beer can technology. In fact, it took about 2 years and over $1 million dollars to develop the new technology. Beer is a sensory experience and founder Jim Koch wanted a can to accentuate that. What’s different?

  • The lid is wider, allowing more airflow.
  • The lid has been moved away from the lip, to help accentuate the hop aromas. Closer to the nose.
  • The hourglass ridge creates turbulence (like the Perfect Pint glass) which “pushes flavor out of the beer”
  • Extended lip places the beer at the front of your palate

Cans of the flagship Boston Lager ship next week. You’ll be drinking Samuel Adams out of a can by Mid-May, 2013.

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