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Yazoo Fortuitous Debuts This Week

Yazoo FortuitousBeer can accidentally sour.  (Unless you’re making a sour of course.)   Just because the beer goes sour, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone bad.  Recently, Terrapin won a GABF medal for Beer Gone Good – a brown ale that went sour for the better.   Yazoo Brewing just found themselves in a similar situation recently.  Sue, the brewery’s smoked porter went off the sour deep end.   Linus Hall (Yazoo’s brewmaster) didn’t panic.  After trying “Sour Sue” he discovered it to be quite good. Downright – fortuitous.

That’s just what this new beer is called – Fortuitous.  The brewery has put the beer into 25.4 oz  bottles that will go on sale this week.  It was poured at the 12 South Winter Warmer Fest over the weekend, where sour lovers became instant fans.  When asked whether they could try to remake it for another release – Linus said – “Well, I need to figure out how I made this one first!”

Yazoo will announce when the bottles go one salesoon.

NOTE: 4:13pm.  Might be later than this week.  The brewery is waiting on labels… 

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