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Budweiser To Get Its Own Reality Show

“Bud United Presents: The Big Time, a show that will air on Saturday afternoons starting in January.  The show will feature young adults full filling their sports dreams – from being a race car driver, soccer player, or professional pitcher.

Through casting videos submitted during the summer via Budweiser’s social media sites, young adult fans showcased their own stories to demonstrate their passions in areas such as basketball, baseball, soccer, racing, music, acting and cooking.  Fans were then chosen to be featured in seven different episodes — with each one focusing on a set of three fans competing for their shot at The Big Time in their dream scenario, while being coached and mentored by celebrities and professionals including racing legends Kevin Harvick and Richard Childress, soccer star Alex Morgan, baseball coach Tom House and celebrity chefHubert Keller.  “These shows offer a compelling trifecta — sports, entertainment plus viewer engagement via social media,” saidJason Bernstein, senior director, ESPN programming and acquisitions. “It’s a unique blend of content and we’re pleased Budweiser came to us with the opportunity to present it on ABC.”

The show will first air on ABC on January 21, 2012.  More info at