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WVU Stadium Beer Sales Clears $500,000+

Last season, West Virginia University added beer sales in the stadium during their football games.  So how did they do?  Concessions netted $744,082.  Add in beer, the total jumps to $1.26 million dollars.

Arrests were down too. (Including underage/open container arrests.)  The arrests were lower for entire season, than the # of arrests at the LSU/Alabama game (149).

“I think it worked,” said WVU Police Chief Bob Roberts, who supported Luck’s multipronged plan to reduce binge drinking and bad behavior by selling beer at Mountaineer Field for the first time and ending a long-standing practice of letting fans leave during the game.

Binge drinking down, fans more civil, and a half a mil for the university.  Win/win?


Apparently, the home opener sales were like this:   18,803 bottles of water, 2,906 sodas, 8,908 frozen lemonades and 21,811 beers sold.