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Wittekerke “Framboise”

Sometimes I find out all I need on a new beer release.  Sometimes I don’t. This is one of those times.  Wittekerke has a new release here in the United States.  You know this brewer by other  releases in it’s portfolio- the self titled Wittekerke, and Petrus Pale Ale.  Wittekerke is a label from Belgian brewer Bavik.

This new release is called “Framboise”, also known under another alias “Rose.”  Framboise translates to “raspberry” in English.  As you might have figured, it’s a fruit beer with this commerical description

“A blend of regular Wittekerke, the best Belgian wheat beer, known for its fruity aroma and taste, together with 10% of the purest Raspberry fruit, and a dash of the Petrus Aged Pale ale, the original mother beer that is aged in oak for up to 3 years. This combination is made in heaven, beer-heaven at the Bavik brewery in Belgium.”

Taste Expectations: My favorite description – Raspberry Jello.  Fruity and sweet.  Lots of raspberry in this beer.  Like sweet beers? This one is for you.

Availability: 11.2 oz bottle/6 pks.  No current draft offerings.

4.3% ABV

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