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Wild Ginger Wild Docta’, a new boozy soda

Wild Ginger Wild Docta'

Wild Ginger Wild Docta’ looks to be the third addition to the brewery’s alcoholic soda lineup.

The Nashville, Tennessee based W. G. Brewing Co. kicked off their lineup last year with Wild Ginger, an alcoholic ginger beer. Since boozy root beer is very much a thing these days, Wild Root followed shortly after.

Wild Ginger Wild Docta’ is an alcoholic rock & rye soda. For those not living in Detroit, Michigan, the soda company Faygo, makes a rock & rye soda, described as   “A dreamy vanilla cream soda with just a kick of something that may or not be cherry.”

Like the two previous releases, Wild Docta’ will be a 12 ounce can offering.

Style: Hard Soda
Availability: 12oz Cans
Release: TBA

5% ABV

One thought on “Wild Ginger Wild Docta’, a new boozy soda

  1. Put titties on the label and don’t tell anyone what it is, other than it’s a beverage with flavors and colors, which I’m pretty sure is what a 6 month old child looks for in a drink. Maybe they can make titty shaped growlers and we can suckle it from a nipple. I hope they include a wetnap to clean up spittle.

    Urban Dictionary:


    To wrap one’s lips around an object / body organ and lightly breathe in.

    Matthew Tang: Some guy was so turned on during a Nikki Webster concert
    that he unzipped his fly and lightly suckled his mushroom cap!

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