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What’s The #1 Selling Beer On Earth?

If you’re thinking it’s something brewed in the United States, you’re dead wrong.  It’s China Snow Beer, the result of a joint venture between SABMiller and China Resources International.

In 2010, Snow Beer (a lager) sold 16.5 BILLION pints, more than doubling that of Bud Light.  That’s 2 billion, 62 million gallons of Snow Beer consumed in a single year!  Get this, China is it’s ONLY market.  China Resources got started 15 years ago with just 3 breweries.  Today, they own 80 of China’s 500 breweries.  While Bud Light is second in sales to Snow Beer, BL is still America’s #1 selling beer with a 19.1% market share.  [Time, Telegraph]

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