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Walgreen’s Now Selling Big Flats Beer

National chain Walgreen’s has started selling beer after a dry 16 years.  Interestingly enough, they will be selling their own “house beer”.

Most house named beers – are brewed by someone else as is the case for Walgreen’s.  The beer – a lager, is brewed by The Winery Exchange in upstate New York.  The beer has a website of course  Big Flats was apparently first released in December, 2010.

Brewed in upstate New York, Big Flats 1901 Premium American Lager pays homage to the flat boats that traveled the area’s rivers delivering goods to early settlers. Just as the water played a vital role in the settlers’ quality of life, the pristine water used in the brewing of Big Flats 1901 Premium Lager is vital to the crisp, fresh taste of this traditional American brew.

“It’s the water that makes it.”

Big Flats will be quite cost effective – coming in at $3 a 6pk! That’s about .50 a beer.   More than half the stores in the U.S. are already carrying it.  Walgreens has over 7,000 stores.  Hey, I guess every beer worth a try once right?

Style: American Pale Lager

4.5% ABV

5 thoughts on “Walgreen’s Now Selling Big Flats Beer

  1. I wonder how it compares to the Simpler Times beers Trader Joe’s sells. I’m also curious to see that if and when it hits Georgia if it will retain that $3 price point or will it go up slightly due to taxes.

    • It’s already in some stores. I thought about going to Walgreen’s nearby and seeing if was there. I’d like to try the beer…. once. lol

      • Where can I get some? I’ve driven to three stores already, and I can’t find this anywhere in Atlanta!

  2. Tried this beer after being in the frig overnight. Had a good taste, with no aftertaste. Seriously not a bad beer, the cost makes it better.

    • That’s cool. I want to try it. Honestly, some people equate price to flavor. Not every beer you have to pick up needs to be an imperial stout! I don’t tailgate with The Abyss… lol

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