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Victory’s Home Of Downingtown Under Water

While the Victory Brewery seems to be safe, residents of Downingtown, Pennsylvania are soaked from the same water that makes the beer.  Another brewing town in a string of brewing towns dealing with crazy weather. (RE: Vermont, New York, Philly).  Hershey Park in Hershey, PA suffered from flash flooding yesterday and 2 buffalo in the park died.  Troegs Brewing is putting the finishing touches on their new brewery at Hershey, no word if water was an issue there.

The borough of Downingtown was essentially “split in half” by flooding last night, she said. Downingtown Police Lt. Howard Holland said police were just starting to relax as the tributaries of the Brandywine Creek that snake through the borough were visibly receding and the rains had subsided. Then, with no warning, the Brandywine burst over its banks about 5:30 p.m., engulfing Route 30 and Pennsylvania Avenue and making it impossible to travel from one end of the borough to the other…