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Victory Plans 2nd Barrel Aged Beer “Otto In Oak”

Victory Otto In OakWhen Victory Brewing said they were done with Dark Intrigue, it was rumored they would be barrel aging other offerings.  Here’s a pretty obvious clue – Otto.  The brewery released Otto last year – a smoked Belgian style dubbel.  As it looks now, the brewery has intentions of barrel aging (or is already barrel aging) Otto for release in the future.

The spirit of St. Otto of Bamberg inspired us to create a smoky, Belgian-style dubbel ale featuring the beechwood kilned malts of his home.  As we feasted on the deep, exotic flavors within our creation, the German bischop’s siren song once again tempted us.  The whispers of St. Otto’s ghost, combined with our enjoyment of that ale, lured us to go a step further and age our Otto Ale in once- used bourbon barrels.  What has emerged certainly tastes heaven-sent to us!

Style: Dubbel (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

8.1% ABV (or higher) 

note: The above is tentative.  Subject to change at whim of the brewer, the beer, or the barrel.