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Victory Golden Monkey in Wine Makes “White Monkey”

Victory White Monkey

Victory Brewing recently announced  they were releasing Red Thunder, the brewery’s Baltic Thunder in red wine in November. There is also a potential for Old Horizontal in bourbon, aka Oak Horizontal. Now become aquainted with White Monkey. You know the base beer as Golden Monkey (a tripel). White Monkey is aged in white wine barrels.

Since his birth in 1997, our beloved Golden Monkey has remained playfully delightful and profoundly satisfying. His soul continues to glow with the wisdom of ages and inspired our own stroke of genius. Restless from his continuous journey to joy,we felt that some quiet time in American oak barrels that once matured white wine would further soothe this ale’s silken soul. After his three-month retreat, Golden Monkey emerged refreshed and invigorated with new character and flavor nuances that only make him more profound, and possibly even more playful. Cheers, The Brewmasters of Victory

Style: Tripel (Wine Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

9.5% ABV

note: The above is tentative.  Subject to change at whim of the brewer, the beer, or the barrel