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Victory Dark Intrigue Arrives For Dark Wednesday, November 23rd

You take Victory Brewing’s Storm King Stout and age in Jim Beam and Heaven Hill barrels and you have created Dark Intrigue.   2011 is the second release of this beer, marking the first time the brewery has tried barrel aging.  Last year, it sold out in 23 minutes.

3,000 cases go on sale on Dark Wednesday, in 750ml corked & caged bottles.

Style: Imperial Stout. Barrel Aged
Hops: Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo
Barrels: Heaven Hill, Jim Beam
Availability: 750ml bottles, brewery only release.

9.2% ABV

Press Release

DOWNINGTOWN, PA — A batch of Victory Brewing Company’s signature Storm King Stout is waiting in oak bourbon barrels, slowly aging and picking up flavors of bourbon, vanilla, oak and spices. Those aromas and tastes transform Storm King Stout into something so dark and intriguing, that’s what we named it — Dark Intrigue.

Dark Intrigue will continue to age in barrels from Jim Beam and Heaven Hill Distilleries until October, when the contents of 150 bourbon barrels will be blended together, packaged in 750 mL corked bottles and left to condition in the bottle until November. It will be released to the public on Wednesday, Nov. 23, a day we are calling Dark Wednesday.

“Having never delved into a bourbon barrel aged offering before, we were tentative with our beloved Storm King in terms of how much of it we subjected to the treatment,” Victory Brewing Company President and Co-Owner Bill Covaleski said. “Our audience clearly approved of this delicious creation last year so we have lots more in production now.”

Cases of Dark Intrigue sold out at our retail location in Downingtown last year in just 43 minutes. This year we expect to have 3000 cases for sale, which will be available at our retail shop and in limited quantities at distributors in the region.

Dark Intrigue is made up of a variety of malts, along with American centennial, cascade and Amarillo hops. It is 9.2% alcohol by volume.

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