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Victory Anniversary XX Imperial Pilsner coming in 2016

Victory Anniversary XX Imperial Pilsner

Victory Anniversary XX Imperial Pilsner looks to join the brewery’s lineup in 2016, celebrating 20 years of brewing.

Brewery founders Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski met on a school bus in 1973. In February, 1996, they opened the doors to Victory Brewing in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Victory’s brewing approach has always been European influenced, so when it comes to the 20 year milestone, Victory Anniversary XX Imperial Pilsner marking the occasion makes sense.

In celebration of Twenty Years of Victory, it is only fitting that we offer you a brew that truly embodies European transition and American ingenuity. This bold pilsner, complete with fragrant noble German hops, delivers rich earthiness and light citrus flavors, creating a deliciously drinkable beer. Raise your glass and Taste Victory!

Victory Anniversary XX Imperial Pilsner will be available in 750ml bottles. The brewery has not yet announced this offering.

Style: Imperial Pilsner
Availability: 750ml bottles
Release: 2016

8.5% ABV