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Velvet Rooster = Belgian Tripel In A Can

Tallgrass Brewing just starting shipping Velvet Rooster, touted to be the first Belgian tripel in a can.   It was only a matter of time.  Beer is obviously exploding in the United States, giving way new styles seeing an aluminum home over it’s glass counterpart.

Andrew Hood, our head brewer, put together this amazing brew as his first test batch when he came to Tallgrass. I tasted it and wanted to can it that day,” said Tallgrass founder Jeff Gill. “Traditionally, Belgian-style Tripels take themselves very seriously, but we just couldn’t do that. We had to give it our Tallgrass-twist, and Velvet Rooster was born.

Style: Tripel
Flavor?  Light fruits, sweet malts, floral flavors.  Touch of booze, & very effervescent according to the brewery.
Availability: 16oz can 4pks.  Tallgrass currently distributes to parts of CO, SD, KS, AK, OK, AR, AL, MI, KY, OH, VA, PA, D.C., IL, ND, MN

8.5% ABV

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