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University Of BC’s Brewery To Satisfy Students Cheap Beer Needs

University Of British Columbia wants in the brewing business.   For a few years now, there has been a $103 million dollar empty building on campus.  There has been a debate for years as to how to utilize.  The answer is beer.  A student run brewery will go into the space, to be open by August 2014.   Those close to the university, don’t expect the “crafty-est” of brews.  The setup will brew cheap beer.

There are three factors at play with student drinkers: availability, price and cache. Homebrew being sold on the cheap will “attract one set of students, what I call the guzzlers,” Middleton said. “Those who don’t care what they drink so long as it’s liquid and get’s them pissed.”

They hop to use hops grown on campus, and other local ingredients.  Beer will be sold for campus keggers, and to supply the 2 campus bars – The Pit and the Perch. [TheStar]



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