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UNCONFIRMED: Terrapin Indiana Krunkles Coming Soon

Not much known about this beer yet.   Sounds like it is going to a “wheat IPA.”    Due out in June.  With a name like Krunkles, sounds like this beer is headed for the Side Project  Series.

Still most likely in the planning stages, and the name itself is unconfirmed.  Let’s just say the info came from a very reliable source…


4 thoughts on “UNCONFIRMED: Terrapin Indiana Krunkles Coming Soon

  1. I’ve tasted the beer, its a dark IPA called Captain Krunkles. It’s a side project beer that is about 9-10% alcohol.

    • True, there is a Side Project beer called Cap’t Krunkles. That is the American Black Ale/Black IPA. There is a new one coming out soon.. another Krunkles in the works…

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