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Uinta’s Anniversary Barleywine Update

Uinta Brewing celebrates their anniversary with an American barleywine.  Keeping with the impressive new labeling, the barleywine is prime for a sprucing up.  The previous artwork had a roman numeral denoting the year/vintage (as seen below.)  This beer is now available year round, & no numerals on the new label either. NOTE: Might be on the neck.  Barleywines cellar beautifully…

First brewed in small batches annually to commemorate Uinta’s anniversary, this soul-warming brew is now available year-round. (Uinta’s anniversary is observed and noted by the change of the roman numeral on the label.) Uinta’s award winning barley wine has a dark amber hue with a rich malty character. Serious amounts of hops are used to balance its hardy alcohol content of over 10% ABV.

Style: Barleywine
Availability: 12oz bottles, year round.

10.4% ABV

Uinta's Anniversary Barleywine Update