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Troegs Scratch #47 Available

Troegs Brewing (Harrisburg, PA) released #47 in their Scratch series today, a white beer.  John Troegner, Brewmaster:

Our second foray into the white ale world comes with a little less and a little more from our first endeavor. We’ve reduced the gravity a bit to lower the ABV but dramatically increased the pepper and coriander, as well as adding locally-grown, organic unmalted winter wheat.  The coriander, sweet and bitter orange peel, black pepper and star anise were added to the hopback to intensify these diverse flavors.

With a dense haze from the unmalted wheat and a foamy white head, Scratch #47 incorporates citrus and spicy aroma notes with a hint of licorice from the star anise. The spices are offset by a doughy taste and the Lachouffe yeast gives a cidery finish.

Codename: Wit (or Witout) Two
Hops: Magnum, Saaz
Malt: Pils, White Wheat, Unmalted Winter Wheat (local/organic), Oats
Juju: Coriander, Sweet & Bitter Orange Peel, Black Pepper, Star Anise
Yeast: Lachouffe/Ardennes

Availability: 12oz bottles.  Brewery only release.

4.2% ABV, 10 IBUs