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Tocobaga Winner Chosen

Recently Cigar City Brewing held a contest for artists submit artwork for Tocobaga being released in bottles this month for the first time.  Over 60 artists submitted their work through Hampton Arts Management, and the field was narrowed down to 10.  On June 1st, the winner was chosen.

Above is Eric Swanson’s winning entry.  The finalist’s entries are currently on display at the tap room in Tampa throughout the month of June.  Tocobaga is currently flowing in the tap room – $5 dollars a glass, $9 for a 750ml bottle.

The Tocobaga Indians lived off of the bounty of Tampa Bay for hundreds of years before being discovered by the Spanish in the 1500’s.  They were potters, tool makers and the only Florida native Indians to grow corn.  The large platform mounds they built are still with us today, with one of the largest found in Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, Florida.  Climb to the top, and with a little imagination, you can see Tamp as they did.  Today Cigar City Brewing honors this native spirit with Tocobaga Red Ale.  A deep-colored amber ale with an abundance of hop flavor and aromas balanced with a subtle caramel malt sweetness in the finish.  We believe if the Tocobaga were here today they would join us in raising a glass to the bay we call home

About Tocobaga:

A hoppy red ale with citra hops.  The brainchild of brewer Tim Ogden