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Tiger Fans, Don’t Expect An LSU Beer Anymore

In addition to losing the national title game, LSU fans have lost something else – their beer.  Back in August the world was introduced to Bandit Blonde, LSU’s new university blonde beer.  The idea at the time was to brew the beer at Tin Roof Brewing, (founded by alumni) in conjunction with a fermentation science course at the university.  The beer would have potentially been sold at football games, on top of being a revenue source for the university.

Chancellor Michael Martin stated this week that LSU will no longer seek licensing for Bandit Blonde.

‘The intent was to create an educational opportunity for students to learn about the beer industry and business modeling, while also seeking new revenue for the university,” said Martin.”Ultimately, we have bigger priorities than to maneuver the complexities of a venture this different and unique, so we have notified all parties involved that this is no longer on our agenda.”

There was no mention of the future fermentation science courses at the university. [WAFB]