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Three Taverns Beer? Three Taverns Church?

Stumbled across this while trying to find a larger version of the brewery logo.

Apparently there is a Three Taverns Church in Acworth, Georgia. Their logo for looks a lot like Three Taverns Brewery.  Or vice versa.

The names?  Three Taverns Church states their name comes from a place where people met Paul on his way to a Roman prison. The place was called Three Taverns. The very same place along the Appian Way in which the Three Taverns Brewery name comes from.  There were three shops there. A blacksmith, a refreshment house, and a general store. Three Taverns was essentially a rest stop for ancient travelers.

Is this monastic brewing incarnate in the United States? No. But still, interesting.

Form your conspiracy theories now.

Update: Apparently the church is playing hardball. Three Taverns founder weighs in-

Our design firm was the first to discover the church’s use of this logo several months ago. We were blindsided and concerned. Our logo was professionally designed and was on public display long before this church changed their name and redesigned their logo. Three Taverns Brewery has no affiliation with this church and requested explanation after we first discovered it. We are comfortable with the common use of the name as it belongs to history, but we have asked them to change their logo. They refuse.


7 thoughts on “Three Taverns Beer? Three Taverns Church?

  1. It does put Three Taverns Brewing into a bit of sticky situation. Suing a church over a logo would generate the sort of negative publicity that the brewery would want to have. The logo for the church is way too similar to the brewery’s to be coincidental. The brewery spent the time and money to come up with a name and associated logos and then a local church changes their name to Three Taverns and uses a logo similar to the brewery’s. The brewery’s logo is copyrighted and that does give them some legs to stand on, but suing a church is not a good idea.

    The thought that a church would name themselves after a place in which alcohol was served seems a bit odd, at least down here in the heart of Southern Baptist country……

  2. There’s not a lot of conventional Southern Baptist activity going on at the church there either. In the past 5 years the pastor divorced his wife, and lost over half of the congregation and the church has changed names multiple times. But really, whats in a name?

    I say let it ride out, they’ll probably get tired of that name and change it in a few weeks anyways.

  3. @disqus_Kksj6q5wL1:disqus – Interesting thought on why we would name our church Three Taverns Church. Check out our great answer at We also thought it was kind of odd that the brewery was trying to tie a scripture to their brewery but we respect that the Christian founder was hoping that beer drinkers would look up “Three Taverns” and find the scriptures and maybe find hope in Christ. Truly odd that our independent choices of the name had a same core idea – sharing something very cool about Christianity. As for the logos, ReidRamasy said it best, “Let the conspiracy theories begin.” We didn’t copy their logo but used a popular development site that has 6 or so similar templates. Of course, we provided all that information to the fellow believers at Three Taverns Brewery. I am sure it will all sort out well in the end. Their trucks definitely look cooler than our bus!

  4. John Doe – It would seem that we are not the church for you (smile) and that’s okay. However, we are one of the many local churches providing a great alternative for people who are tired of the garbage that goes on openly and behind the scenes of so many churches (church-Insanity, hate, judgment, legalism, religion that says it loves while “shooting the wounded” and cannibalizing people who don’t “measure up”)

    We are doing is what we have done for 25 years — we are pursuing peace and the statement of Jesus that he “did not come to condemn but to save” as well as his single greatest command to “love God and to love others.” For 15 years, Three Taverns Church (formerly Northwest Baptist and then in 2001 Northwest Church) has published a “No Condemnation Guarantee” and tried to live a life that reached people “where they were” with compassion and hope.

    I did live through a divorce that involved two people. It was terrible and made worse by some who, it would seem like you, lacked compassion, did not know what they are talking about, and who hurt many innocent people (including my children) along the way. It is true that many people chose to leave because they were hurt, disagreed with me being divorced and being a pastor, or other reasons. We still love those people, miss them, count most of them as friends, and wish them all well. It sucks to be separated by circumstance and people’s choices but each of us gets to choose our own path.

    The great news is that God is a God of unity and peace and, if not before, all of us will be together one day with the One who really knows how to work things out.

    Three Taverns is great for people who have been a bit humbled by their success or challenges and who want to hang out with people who are committed to what the Bible teaches, friendship, and changing the world for the better. TTC is great for people who want to have fun, be accepted, and, as we learned through the years, not be abandoned regardless of where they are or where they find themselves tomorrow.

    The really great people who are at Three Taverns love God. They love you too. They will walk 30 miles to meet you on your journey (Acts 28:15)! We are here if you ever need anything.

    • Doug how many times do you have to lie to people before you realize not everyone drinks the koolaid you keep serving.

      You have hurt many, deceived many and lied to many more.

      What a sad day it is entitle you change the name to hide something else. Do as scripture says and walk in the light!

  5. I just passed this place the other day. I go so excited when I thought that maybe the brewery was opening up something OTP! That was followed by sadness when I saw what it was. Oh well, I am glad to find out that my brewery money won’t be going to a church!

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