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This Hopslam Poetry Is Either Really Cool Or Really Weird

It’s Hopslam season again.  The frantic rush to the store to get one of the most coveted IPAs in the states is on.  The brewery wanted fans to write their own personal poetic “ode” to the beer.  The results are either really cool or just…weird. [BellsBeer]

hopslammed! damn… I am!
thanks, ma’am, or sir, as it were
bright hop profusion
sweet honey soothes, so divine
two grand peers entwine
what a lovely afterglow

– Fran Hull (first place)

Those tart hoppy notes
Tickle the back of my throat
Big smile on my face

The high gravity
Alcohol fruit fantasy
Gotta buy a case

– David Mickey-Pabello (second place – Hopslam brew double haiku)

Oh bountiful hops
A delight in bitterness

– Karla Metzger (third place)

There is a brewer named Bell.
Who makes great beers really swell
When he got in a jam
He created Hopslam
And now the world is all well.

– Roy More, via Facebook

Pop the Hopslam top, into my gullet she flows, shoulda bought a case.

– Michael Troutwine, via Facebook

Slammed Full Of Hops
Malt, Grain, Yeast and lots of Love
Hop Heads Rejoice Now!

– J. Chandler Hall, via Google+

One thought on “This Hopslam Poetry Is Either Really Cool Or Really Weird

  1. I bought two cases last night, tried a couple and it was just as good as I remembered last year.  My girlfriend thought I was crazy to spend over $150 on only two cases of beer.  Then she tried one, now she is hooked.

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