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The Inspiration Behind Surly SŸX Artwork

Surly release SŸX next week. The demonic artwork has an interesting backstory. The brewery just explained it’s origin on Facebook.

I need to share a story about the SŸX art. The demon is based upon some work from a late friend and colleague, Brad Krisko. A talented sculptor and all around artist, Brad worked with us at MNFX for some time before going out to Los Angeles to become an FX artist on feature films. While there, he spent several years at Stan Winston Studio, working on, among other things, Jurassic Park, Batman, and Terminator 2. Following that, he returned to Minnesota and worked with us again.

We sadly lost Brad to suicide many years ago. His great artistic ability couldn’t seem to soothe his troubled soul.

This skull was created by him and was briefly available as a model kit, called “Orc Skull”. When I began to create the demon for the art, Brad’s skull was sitting on a shelf near my workstation. I decided to evoke his work in my art as a means of tribute. Thanks for the inspiration, Brad. RIP.