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The Hop Concept Mosaic and Eureka IPA is back for only the second time

The Hop Concept Mosaic and Eureka

The Hop Concept Mosaic and Eureka IPA is hitting shelves again this month – only the second this beer has appeared.

The hoppy wing of Port Brewing/Lost Abbey says heavyweights Eureka and the Mosaic hops meet in this India pale ale. Together, the two bring everything from pine to tropical fruits into each sip.

Mosaic, probably one of the most aptly named hops fuses an array of tropical fruits, citrus, and berry with mild herbal, earthy, and pine characteristics. Heady Eureka hops emphasize heavy pine, underlined by mild floral notes and rounded out with dank aromas.

The Hop Concept head brewer Steve Churchill loves Mosaic hops, and this year’s allotment is some of the best they had. Pairing them with Eureka is a big flavor bonus.

Look for The Hop Concept Mosaic and Eureka IPA in 22-ounce bottles starting the first week of August.

Style: IPA
Hops: Eureka, Mosaic
Availability: 22oz Bottles
Latest Return: August, 2017

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