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The Bruery Black Tuesday on sale today, now with east coast pickup


There are few beers that can silence a room when opened like The Bruery Black Tuesday.

Sure, barrel-aged beers can be found year-round on nearly every shelf in America. Few of those come with the mystique, reverence, and in-your-face boldness that Black Tuesday has in tow.

If our memory serves us correctly, the first release of Black Tuesday was in October of 2009. The world didn’t know what it was in for. A young brewery that had been releasing saisons and Berliner Weisse¬†was about to make sure you didn’t underestimate their capabilities. A 19+% alcohol by volume imperial stout loomed, and was immediately embraced by their burgeoning fan base.

Here in 2017, it’s an unwritten rule in craft beer that you at least know the name Black Tuesday even if you haven’t had it yet. In 8 short years, BT has joined the ranks of some of the most well-known stouts in America. Hitting the barrels at more than 16% ABV, it rests in a plethora of first use bourbon barrels for nearly a year, just waiting for October.

Throwing some flavor adjectives at you – chocolate, molasses, vanilla, bourbon. If that’s what you crave, you’ll find that in abundance in Black Tuesday. ¬†Damn, don’t forget about bourbon. This truly is the bourbon drinker’s beer. Don’t dare go looking for subtlety or nuance here either. Perhaps that’s what throws some folks off when they taste it. They expect something restrained or even refined, and what really lurks in the glass is nothing short of bold and unforgettable.

Going into their 9th release, The Bruery Black Tuesday is still not easy to come by. You literally have one day to get your hands on it and that day is coming on October 24th. From there it’s a piece of cake. Just get yourself out to California to pick it up, or find a trustworthy friend within the Golden State to ship it to you. Now that The Bruery is opening a Washington D.C. location, east coasters have a place to pick it up as well.

Here’s how to get it:

On October 24th at 10 AM PT log on to and begin your purchase. Bottles are $29.99, with a limited of (6) per person. You can pick up at The Bruery starting on Halloween, or at the new Washington D.C. store on November 14th. Shipping within California begins on Halloween as well.

One of the most elusive beers out there is now a little easier to get.

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