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Terrapin Side Project 10 – Capt’n Krunkles

Side Project #9 was Dark Side.  Very tasty, and will only get better with time.  In the tanks now at Terrapin Brewery (Athens, GA) is Side Project 10 – dubbed Capt’n Krunkles.

Krunkles is a Black IPA.  While  black IPA’s are not an official beer style, they are certainly popping up all over the place.  My first was Stone Brewing’s 11th Anniversary turned Sublimely Self Righteous Ale.  There is also Beer Here’s Dark Hops from Norway.  Simplistically, these black IPA’s are brewed much like a regular IPA would be, but with black malts.  They are deceptively hoppy, as most pour deep black in color.

Each time Terrapin rolls out a new beer, brewer Spike Buckowski will do a small write up with an ingredient outline, inspirations, etc.   Unfortunately, he hasn’t written one yet – so I can’t tell you much about the hops/malts etc.

ETA on Capt’n Krunkles hitting the shelves is late February/ Early March.