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Terrapin Fires Up Canning Line

Until today, Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, GA) has been canning offsite at Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, Connecticut. Terrapin has had the desire to can for a long time, and opted initially to see the viability (sell-through) of cans by contracting the process.

They started with RecreationAle, and recently added Hi-5 IPA. Both have done quite well for Terrapin, prompting them to order a canning line earlier in the year.

Today, the first canning run was successful tested. Very soon, both offerings will be Georgia brewed, and Georgia canned.

This opens the door to more Terrapin options in the can in the future. Personally, we’re gunning for Golden Ale.

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  1. Where do you send a resume or complete an application to be considered for employment in your canning facility?

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