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Tennesee Brew Works releases first bottles

Tennesee Brew Works Bottles

Nashville’s Tennesee Brew Works kicks off 2016 by releasing their first bottle offerings.

We first met brewery founder Christian Spears at the brewery a few years ago. The craft brewery is nestled in the growing “gulch” area of Nashville. Interestingly, the brewery is one of a handful in the U.S. that uses a mash filter. (The grain is pulverized, instead of crushed, then passed through filter membranes.)

Spears tells Beer Street Journal he went to last year’s Craft Brewer’s Conference with his check book in hand. His goal – expand the brewery capacity and start bottling. He joked,”Instead of buying a house, I was cashing in my 401K and selling my car for beer tanks and bottling lines.”

That bet paid off, and Tennessee Brew Works has new bottles hitting shelves starting this week. Initial offerings include Cutaway Rye IPA, Southern Wit, and Extra Easy IPA.

All three offerings are now available in the Nashville area year-round.