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Dogfish Head Announces New Music Collab with Grateful Dead

Because of Atlanta Beer Week planning time contraints, I am pasting the PR here.  Dogfish Head announces new musical collaboration: 

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Grateful Dead, two pioneers who built their followings by connecting directly with beer lovers and music lovers, are collaborating on the newest beer in Dogfish’s line of off-centered ales.

Working in that happy place between creative ideas and like-minded people, the off-centered brewery and free-spirited band have been trading ideas for a beer they’re calling “American Beauty.” They’ve settled on a strong pale ale with all-American hops and barley, and now they’re asking their loyal fans to suggest a special ingredient — and the Dead-inspired story behind it.

“Grateful Dead Productions is extremely pleased to be partnering with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery on the American Beauty pale ale. We’ve looked for a long while for the perfect brewery to team up with for a Grateful Dead-inspired brew, and feel we’ve finally found the right fit. Aside from Dogfish’s history with music-themed brews, we love their beer, and think it’s the best around. Plus, these are really good people and are the type of folks we want to work with,” says David Lemieux,  legacy manager for Grateful Dead.

“The feedback the band got from Dead Heads was always an important factor in their shows,” says Dogfish Founder and President Sam Calagione. “And at Dogfish, we’ve always thought of our pub regulars and brewery tour guests as an informal focus group, so we’re sending a shout out to all those Dead Heads and Dogfish Heads by making them a driving force behind this beer.”

Did you trade a bushel of fresh clementines for tickets to a two-night-stand at Long Beach Arena? Or maybe your dad first laid eyes on your mom sipping a cup of green tea in the parking lot of the legendary Cornell ‘77 show? Jog your memory, tell the story, and suggest the ingredient at the heart of that story. You could help bring this counterculture collaboration to life.

Suggestions for American Beauty’s final ingredient will be taken online in December. A panel from the Dogfish Head and Grateful Dead teams will pick the ingredient they feel works best in the context of a strong pale ale recipe. The brewery and band hope to invite the fan who suggested the ingredient to Dogfish’s coastal Delaware brewpub in the spring of 2013 to help brew a test batch.

“My wife, Mariah, and I went to our first Dead show together in the summer of ‘91,” says Calagione, “and I’ve been listening to Workingman’s Dead and Shakedown Street, two of the earliest albums I ever owned, on my morning kayak trips. It’s amazing how timeless those albums are.”

American Beauty is expected to hit taps and shelves throughout Dogfish’s 27-state distribution network in October 2013. Stay tuned to for details on how to be a part of this grassroots brew.

For information, contact Dogfish Head Marketing Manager Maria Grieshaber at[email protected].

For more information on Grateful Dead Consumer Products & Brand Licensing contact: Sara Nemerov, [email protected] or Jasen Wright, [email protected]

About Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Dogfish Head makes off-centered ales for off-centered people. Since 1995, Dogfish has brewed with nonstandard ingredients such as raisins, chicory, maple syrup and grapes, changing the way people think about beer. Dogfish believes beer can have as much flavor, complexity, diversity, food-compatibility and ageability as the world’s finest wines. To discover your favorite off-centered ale, visit 

About Rhino Entertainment

Based in Burbank, California, Warner Music Group’s Rhino Entertainment was founded in 1978 and is the world’s leading pop culture label. Emphasizing flawless sound quality, bonus tracks, informative liner notes, award-winning creative packaging, an offbeat sense of humor, and a strong social conscience, Rhino continues to set the standard for excellence in the reissue business it pioneered in both the physical and digital worlds. Rhino is also expanding the definition of what a catalog music company is, as evidenced by the label’s recent name and likeness representation deal with Frank Sinatra and its multi-faceted relationship with Grateful Dead. The vast Rhino catalog of more than 5,000 CDs, videos, and digital exclusive albums features material by Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Doors, Chicago, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Yes, Alice Cooper, Linda Ronstadt, The Ramones, The Monkees, Carly Simon, Curtis Mayfield, among many others.

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Dogfish Head Positive Contact Drops 6/18

The above are bottles of Positive Contact on the line at Dogfish Head in Milton, Delaware.  The beer infusion is a collaboration between Deltron 3030′s Dan the Automator and Dogfish Head.  Deltron 3030 is a hip-hop collaboration between Dan and Del the Funkee Homosapien.

Positive Contact is a 9% ABV hybrid of beer and cider brewed with wood-pressed Fuji apples, roasted farro, a handful of cayenne peppers and fresh cilantro. Described as a “sweet-and-sour Belgian-ish brew”, light straw color with fruity, cider-like notes. Cayenne and alcohol give it a warming finish.

Positive Contact’s expected street date is 6/18/12

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Sneaky Peeky: Dogfish Head/Dan The Automator Positive Contact

Dogfish Head Positive ContactDogfish Head’s newest musical collaboration features Deltron 3030′s Dan the Automator to create a beer dubbed Postive Contact.  The beer is a fusion (much like the music) of apple cider & spice.

A positive combination of Fuji cider, slow-roasted farro, a bit of cayenne, and fresh cilantro.

Style: Herb/Spice Beer
Availability: 750 ml bottles, Draft

Arrival: TBA

9% ABV 

Check out the full story on Positive Contact

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New Dogfish Head Musical Collaboration: Postive Contact

I’m going to just straight up throw out the press release, and develop it further…

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Deltron 3030’s Dan the Automator have teamed up to create Positive Contact, a hybrid of beer and cider based on Dan’s favorite ingredients and Dogfish Head’s innovative brewing practices.

Deltron 3030 is an adventurous hip-hop collaboration between Dan and Del the Funkee Homosapien. Deltron’s self-titled debut album, released in 2000, was an instant classic and is included on many hip-hop best-of lists. It got an 8/10 rating on NME, which called it “a crazed sci-fi journey to Planet B.S. that takes myriad detours around the galaxy. The most purely enjoyable hip-hop album of 2000.”

Over a decade in the making, the new Deltron 3030 album is set to drop this spring, and Positive Contact was brewed to celebrate the release.

Named after a key track on the first album, Positive Contact is a 9% ABV hybrid of beer and cider brewed with wood-pressed Fuji apples, roasted farro, a handful of cayenne peppers and a late dose of fresh cilantro. This sweet-and-sour Belgian-ish brew is a light straw color with fruity, cider-like notes. The cayenne and alcohol give it a warming finish.

The beer will be released in a dynamic box set of six 750-ml champagne bottles, with a 10-inch vinyl EP of four new Deltron 3030 remixes created exclusively for this project, and a list of Deltron 3030-inspired recipes from a small group of renowned chefs (see below). Invite some friends over, rock the album, drink the beer and whip up a multi-course meal. It’s a house party in a box.

Positive Contact box sets will be released in May throughout Dogfish Head’s distribution network, in accordance with local and state laws. Stay tuned.

For more information on the beer Positive Contact, contact Sam Calagione at [email protected]. For more information on Deltron 3030, contact Toni Isabella at[email protected].

Participating chefs

Critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur, award-winning author and television personality Mario Batali is one of the most recognized and respected chefs working in America today. With business partner Joe Bastianich, Batali has created an uber-successful restaurant and culinary empire in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Singapore.

Frdric Morin and David McMillan, the radical chefs behind Joe Beef, are passionate about French market food, and they serve it Quebec-style: loud and fast. Morin and McMillan seek out the best local ingredients and keep Joe Beef’s menu brief so they can change it on a

David Chang is the chef and owner of the Momofuku restaurants. He has been honored with awards from Food & Wine and Bon Appetit, named a Man of the Year by GQ, and called one of the “most influential people of the 21st century” by Esquire. Chang also has taken home three James Beard Foundation awards.

Californian Sean Paxton, known as the Homebrew Chef, believes in beer. On his popular blog and web series, Paxton explores the complexity beer adds to food, whether paired with it or incorporated into the recipe.

Named a “Restaurant Empire Builder” in 2011 by Food & Wine, James Syhabout made his reputation at the Michelin-Starred Commis in Oakland, Calif. He flexes his casual culinary muscles at Hawker Fare, focusing on inexpensive dishes inspired by the street markets of Southeast Asia.

Del the Funkee Homosapien Flashback…

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More On Dogfish Head’s Faithfull Ale Release

As a Pearl Jam and Dogfish Head fan, I can’t be more excited to hold a bottle in my hand.  Here are some more details on the availability of the upcoming release of Dogfish Head Faithfull Ale. Cheers!

As with many of our new beer releases, we’ve had a lot of interest in when and where folks will be able to grab & enjoy Faithfull Ale. Here’s what we can share at this point.

Ideally, we will sell this beer in all 27 U.S. states in which we currently do business — but that may not happen. We have applied for state approval in all 27 of those states (full list here). For a variety of reasons, some states may not approve this beer for sale. Some may only approve draft sales. That is all out of our hands. Since this is a brand-new release, we only recently applied to these states – but approvals have already begun rolling in.

Once we get approval from a state, Faithfull Ale will be added to the next outgoing order for each wholesaler. This means that the beer will be leaving our Milton, DE brewery in waves over the next few weeks. Once it travels to a wholesaler in a particular state, it will then need to travel to retailers throughout their sales territory. We cannot tell you exactly which day it will appear on the shelves in your area (assuming you are in one of the 27 U.S. states where we do business). We do not plan to export any of this beer outside of the U.S.

Beginning Wednesday, October 19th we will beging selling Faithfull Ale from our brewery Tasting Room in Milton, DE and our brewpub in downtown Rehoboth Beach, DE. Here’s how that will happen:

Sales from the Brewery Tasting Room in Milton, DE will begin at 11am on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Bottles of Faithfull Ale will retail for $12.50, and there is a 2-bottle-per-person limit.

Sales from our to-go kiosk at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach, DE will begin at noon on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Bottles of Faithfull Ale will retail for $12.50, and there is a 2-bottle-per-person limit.

We will not reserve, hold or maintain a list for this beer. Faithfull Ale will be available first-come, first-serve from our brewery & brewpub. We have no idea how long our supply will last.

Although we are keeping some of the batch to sell from our brewery & brewpub, the vast majority of this beer will be sold through our wholesale and retail partners. Once the beer begins hitting the retailers and as the wholesalers update their sales data with our database, Faithfull Ale will appear on our Fish Finder. Please note that the database shows where our beers have been delivered to retailers in the past 60 days. The Fish Finder cannot show if it is still in stock, so it is always best to call & confirm first before travelling any significant distance in search of a beer.

We’re tried to answer any and all questions here. There are probably some we haven’t addressed (we’ll add to this article if necessary). We’ve been getting lots and lots of calls, emails, posts and tweets about Faithfull Ale. If we’ve missed replying to yours, we’re sorry.

And in keeping with the music theme, we also recently announced we’ll be re-releasing batches of the Miles Davis-inspired Bitches Brew and Robert Johnson-inspired Hellhound On My Ale. Both of those beers will begin shipping to wholesalers beginning with orders next week. You’ll be able to find them in stores over the next few weeks as well.

Thanks for all your interest in our beers, we hope you enjoy ‘em. Cheers!