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More On Dogfish Head’s Faithfull Ale Release

As a Pearl Jam and Dogfish Head fan, I can’t be more excited to hold a bottle in my hand.  Here are some more details on the availability of the upcoming release of Dogfish Head Faithfull Ale. Cheers!

As with many of our new beer releases, we’ve had a lot of interest in when and where folks will be able to grab & enjoy Faithfull Ale. Here’s what we can share at this point.

Ideally, we will sell this beer in all 27 U.S. states in which we currently do business — but that may not happen. We have applied for state approval in all 27 of those states (full list here). For a variety of reasons, some states may not approve this beer for sale. Some may only approve draft sales. That is all out of our hands. Since this is a brand-new release, we only recently applied to these states – but approvals have already begun rolling in.

Once we get approval from a state, Faithfull Ale will be added to the next outgoing order for each wholesaler. This means that the beer will be leaving our Milton, DE brewery in waves over the next few weeks. Once it travels to a wholesaler in a particular state, it will then need to travel to retailers throughout their sales territory. We cannot tell you exactly which day it will appear on the shelves in your area (assuming you are in one of the 27 U.S. states where we do business). We do not plan to export any of this beer outside of the U.S.

Beginning Wednesday, October 19th we will beging selling Faithfull Ale from our brewery Tasting Room in Milton, DE and our brewpub in downtown Rehoboth Beach, DE. Here’s how that will happen:

Sales from the Brewery Tasting Room in Milton, DE will begin at 11am on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Bottles of Faithfull Ale will retail for $12.50, and there is a 2-bottle-per-person limit.

Sales from our to-go kiosk at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach, DE will begin at noon on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Bottles of Faithfull Ale will retail for $12.50, and there is a 2-bottle-per-person limit.

We will not reserve, hold or maintain a list for this beer. Faithfull Ale will be available first-come, first-serve from our brewery & brewpub. We have no idea how long our supply will last.

Although we are keeping some of the batch to sell from our brewery & brewpub, the vast majority of this beer will be sold through our wholesale and retail partners. Once the beer begins hitting the retailers and as the wholesalers update their sales data with our database, Faithfull Ale will appear on our Fish Finder. Please note that the database shows where our beers have been delivered to retailers in the past 60 days. The Fish Finder cannot show if it is still in stock, so it is always best to call & confirm first before travelling any significant distance in search of a beer.

We’re tried to answer any and all questions here. There are probably some we haven’t addressed (we’ll add to this article if necessary). We’ve been getting lots and lots of calls, emails, posts and tweets about Faithfull Ale. If we’ve missed replying to yours, we’re sorry.

And in keeping with the music theme, we also recently announced we’ll be re-releasing batches of the Miles Davis-inspired Bitches Brew and Robert Johnson-inspired Hellhound On My Ale. Both of those beers will begin shipping to wholesalers beginning with orders next week. You’ll be able to find them in stores over the next few weeks as well.

Thanks for all your interest in our beers, we hope you enjoy ‘em. Cheers!