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SweetWater’s LowRYEder is Toast

It’s a joke, but a bit serious. When a SweetWater beer wins a medal, it’s marked for retirement.

Think I’m kidding? See Schwheat, and Exodus Porter. Lowryder’s most recent medal was won at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.

As LowRYEder gets phased out, a new year round offering has come up- Take Two Pils.

Fans of the hoppy rye beer? Drink up. It’s toast.

2 thoughts on “SweetWater’s LowRYEder is Toast

  1. Wow, very bummed. This was my favorite of the brews that came in their Tacklebox variety pack.

    Wish Sweet Georgia Brown and Blue would start winning some medals. Would love to see those phased out.

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