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SweetWater Ships Sticky Nugs

SweetWater Brewing Fresh Sticky NugsSweetWater Brewing’s newest Dank Tank release is now shipping.  A hoppy red ale, full of nugget hops.

Looking to drain the main vein on a 420 mile road trip, el Danko casually slipped into the dankest nugget hop field known to man.  Stupefied by the pungent aromas, his eyes rolled back as he fell into a sea of sticky buds.  After 4 days of being pinned in the vines, he thought he was a goner.  Believing he was hallucinating as he saw every woodland creature, horny toad, and Sasquatch rush past his stuck self.  He suddenly became petrified as he saw a million army ants devouring everything they saw in his path.   He said one last hail mary as the ants began to chew on him and the vines.   With one last gasp, he jerked free and hauled balls out of the field with biting ants and sticky hops covering his pruned body.  Desperately in search of ant bite relief, he belly flopped in the 1st oasis he saw, with was a fermenter at SweetWater.  Fuddied up, el Danko’s tea bag into the brew turned it into a double red from the blending ant bites, and dry hopped this bad boy from the fresh nugget hops that where stuck to him.  

Style: Red Ale
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft.
Taste Expectations: 

8% ABV