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SweetWater 19, a Belgian golden in wine barrels

SweetWater 19

2016 marks Atlanta, Georgia’s biggest brewery’s 19th year. To celebrate, meet SweetWater 19 Golden Belgian Style Ale.

Readers of Beer Street Journal will recall that last year’s birthday beer was intended to be a sour ale. However, anyone that knows anything about wild ales knows that the beer is ready when it’s ready. That sour is still in the barrels.

While not the sour ale that everyone is still clamoring for, SweetWater 19 is a golden Belgian-style ale, aged in both Merlot and Cabernet barrels.

This Golden Belgian Style Ale matured for over a year on brett in Cabernet and Merlot barrels, then was blended with a bright, citrusy hop-forward Belgian style IPA. Four plus two equals seven here, as the finished product is bigger than the sum of its parts. The art of this crafted cuvee is in the hop profile with a Belgian style nose up front, followed by woody undertones and a complex finish. After 19 years we’re still all about brewing great beer, supporting the communities who drink it and having a kick ass time along the way.

Much like the previous releases, SweetWater 19 will be available in 750 milliliter bottles, corked & caged. The brewery has not yet announced this offering.

Style: Belgian-style Strong Ale (Barrel Aged. Wine Aged.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft. Limited Release
Release: TBA (Typically February/March), 2016

7% ABV