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Swamp Head Saison Du Swamp with a Funky Twist

Swamp Head Brewery’s (Gainesville, FL) Saison du Swamp is among the brewery’s most well known releases. As Swamp Head gears up for a 2013 release, you might be surprised to see a version with a funky twist. The infamous, funky, “Brett” yeast.

Our coveted saison starts off with a traditional Saison yeast, giving it aromas of pepper and white fruits and a lingering finish with a hint of floral hops. 
To weave some funk into this already tangled tapestry of flavors, we decided to introduce Brettanomyces Bruxellensis.   
This wild yeast strain know at “brett” has thrown a pleasant earthy barnyard funk. You will also find a refreshingly dry finish with a soft residual sweetness left behind by the orange blossom honey in the funky and new version of an old Swamp Head Classic.

Style: Saison (w/ Orange Blossom Honey, Spices)
Availability: 750 ml Bottles
Arrival: TBA

7% ABV