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Sun King’s Collab Is First Resealable Craft Beer

Move over Coors Light, you aren’t the only beer with a resealable cap.   This month, Sun King and Oskar Blues release a collaboration – Chaka, a limited release Belgian-style ale.  Chaka will be the first small brewery to release beers in the Alumi-Tek® re-sealable pint bottle from Ball Corporation.

“Until we undertook this project, only large breweries and beverage companies had access to this type of packaging,” said Clay Robinson, Sun King co-founder. “Sun King and Oskar Blues worked closely with Ball Corporation and Cask Brewing Systems to design and build a simple, functional small scale system that will allow craft brewers to take advantage of this unique packaging option.”

Chaka is a Belgian-style ale with ingredients from each brewery’s home state.  Shagbark hickory syrup is Sun King’s addition, which comes from Hickoryworks in Trafalgar, Indiana.  From Colorado, grain from the Colorado Malting Company and a special year from the Brewing Science Institute.  The beer is a collaboration that will be brewed at both breweries.

The use of the Alumi-Tek® re-sealable pint bottle from Ball Corporation is the first time a small brewery in the United States has used it.  Sun King is the first brewery in Indiana to can, the first to use a customizable can for the seasonal and special releases.  Oskar Blues is the first small/craft brewery in the United States to can their beer, on top of being one of the largest craft breweries to can their beer lineup.  [PressRelease]