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Sun King’s Bitter Druid Goes Seasonal

Sun King Brewing is changing up the availability of Bitter Druid ESB.  The beer has been a staple at the brewpub for many years.  Here’s the brewery’s explanation:

Some of you have been asking and yes, it’s true — Bitter Druid ESB is no longer going to be a part of Sun King’s house beer lineup. As we have grown, the demand for all of our beers — house, seasonal and specialty — has grown as well, with the exception of Bitter Druid ESB. We know that there is a die-hard group of people who love the Bitter Druid and this doesn’t mean that we don’t still believe that it’s a great beer or that we’re going to stop making it. However, in order to devote the necessary time, energy and tank space to crafting everything else, we have removed Bitter Druid from the house beer lineup and it will become a semi-annual specialty beer. Fans of Bitter Druid ESB will still be able to purchase it in growlers and bars/restaurants will be able to purchase kegs when it becomes available. We hope you understand the need for this change and we thank you for your continued support!