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Sudwerk Rye of the Lager, a West Coast First

Sudwerk Rye of the Lager

Sudwerk Rye of the Lager arrives in early August. The imperial rye lager took more than a year of test batches to perfect.

Sure there are plenty of hop bombs out there, but Sudwerk Rye of the Lager is billed as a needle in a “shelf stack.” This 7% alcohol by volume beer is balances Simcoe and Amarillo hops with spicy rye.

With ales, naturally occurring esters can at times compete against other ingredients, especially in the finish. That’s not the case here. In contrast, lager yeast provides a platform to let the other ingredients shine through. Stone fruit aromatics combine with lemon and pepper flavors, a pleasant blend of spice, and a bold finish.

Sudwerk Rye of the Lager is a the first of its kind on the west coast as far as Trent Yackzan is aware of. Available in 22 ounce bottles for a limited time.

Style: Rye Beer
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft
Release: 7/31/15

7% ABV, 70 IBUs

One thought on “Sudwerk Rye of the Lager, a West Coast First

  1. Wow…No that isn’t anything like, Rye of the Tiger…Oh! or even better yet, Rye da Tiger…

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