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Stoudts Celebrates Milestones With 5025

This year Stoudts Brewing Company turns 25 years old.  (Thus the 25 above.) The Black Angus Restaurant & Pub turns 50 this year also. (Thus the 50.)   Sour Belgian Style Quad Ale is a celebration of both.

The next beer is the 5025 which is a full bodied and tart brew started with our Quad recipe aged in red wine barrels for 17 months. Over the course of that time frame, the beer picked up slight hints of oak, a subtle sweetness, and red wine characteristics. Truly a one of a kind beer, and a first for Stoudts!

Style:  Sour Quadrupel (Wine Barrel Aged)

Availability: 25.85 oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

In addition to 5025, Stouts is releasing Amber 25.

Amber 25. This light bodied, refreshing brew uses a small amount of caramel malt to give it a nice amber color with a hint of sweetness. Lower hopping rates and a smooth dry finish make this the perfect session beer to help you celebrate 25 years of Stoudt’s beers!