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Stone Groundbreaking Collaboration: The Bruery

Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA) has announced yet another “Ground Breaking Collaboration,” this time with The Bruery.

This collaboration, like some of the others, in currently unknown as to the style, additions, etc.

1.5 liter bottles are $30, and will have to be picked up in either California, Berlin, Germany, or the yet-to-be named east coast location. [IndieGoGo]

Your bottle purchase gets you:

  • Voucher for ONE (1) 1.5-liter bottle of beer, which is the size of two 750-milliliter bottles (Yay, math!). Such a deal for what will be an awesome beer.
  • Our friends up the road in Orange County are expert yeast and bacteria wranglers who create wildly inventive and top-shelf bottle-conditioned beers. For this particular brew, the label might say, “Something Something Imperial Berliner Weisse.” Or something entirely different.
  • An official Thank-you with your name in the credits of the video that we’ll make to document this beer’s brew day, featuring the collaboration brewers.
  • $10 Tasting Room Discount Card to The Bruery. (Limited to the first 1,000 individual bottles sold.)
  • If you live in Europe, then shipping beer direct to you isn’t the legal tangle it is in the U.S. So, when we notify you that the beer is ready, you’ll have the option to choose to pay an additional fee to have it shipped to you.
  • No worries about a narrow pickup window: You (or your proxy) will have at least ONE (1) YEAR from the date it becomes available to pick up your beer.
  • Pickup locations include:

          -Stone Brewing Co. – Escondido

          -Stone Brewing Co. – Pasadena

          -Stone Brewing Co. – Eastern U.S.

          -Stone Brewing Co. – Berlin