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Stone Co-Founder Taking A Sabbatical

There is a great article in the San Diego voice about Stone Brewing Co’s co-founder Greg Koch.  The [eccentric] point man for the brewery will be going completely off the grid on a six month sabbatical in February. To return sometime in July.

We’ve reached out to the brewery to get a couple of details of this planned time off. No word yet. (It’s early in California.)

Other interesting note from the piece. The brewery is making some changes to the by-laws. Upon completion, the brewery will be unable to be sold to a big corporation. If it does, it can’t exists as Stone Brewing Co. (A bit of a dig at Goose Island perhaps?) [SanDiegoVoice]


2 thoughts on “Stone Co-Founder Taking A Sabbatical

  1. He was hanging out in Arizona this past weekend. Hopefully he’ll swing by his distributor Friday so I could meet him.

  2. Greg struck me as a bit unhinged lately, with his epic, confusing rants, pointless twitter / FB battles, Castaway wild-man look and generally ‘out there’ animated style. Hope he comes back Juvenated…

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