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Stone Brewing Still Teasing Collab Beer

Stone Brewing has once again acknowledged their upcoming collaboration beer with Wil Wheaton and Drew Curtis. This super secret undisclosed beer will be brewed on April 3rd 2013 with a meet-and-greet scheduled the evening before at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens at 5:30 pm. The only new information we have is that they hope to launch the beer the same week that Comic Con takes over San Diego. Even more of a tease, Stone has this to say “set your phasers to stun and your taste buds to anxious. We’re harnessing the powers of space and the stars to bring you something you’ve never seen or tasted before!”


One thought on “Stone Brewing Still Teasing Collab Beer

  1. Sounds to me like they are setting up an epic April fool’s gag. Stone is notorious for April fool’s jokes and they layed pretty low last year. Call it a hunch.

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