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Stone Arrogant Bastard To Be Brewed at Great Divide, Maui & More

Stone Arrogant Bastard Road Trip

Stone Brewing Co.’s Arrogant Bastard is going on a road trip this summer. The American strong ale will be brewed at other craft breweries in the near future.

First stop for Arrogant Bastard is Great Divide Brewing on July 31st. Hawaii’s Maui Brewing Co. and Scotland’s Brewdog are on the list.

The reason is a little ambiguous right now, but in true Arrogant fashion, the Bastard has this to say –

What, you thought me so naïve and foolishly tunnel-visioned I’d turn a blind eye to the craft brewing innovation occurring outside Stone’s four walls? Quite the opposite—my omnipotent visage has been widely affixed on anyone exhibiting forward-thinking, outlandish, clever, incredible or otherwise noteworthy brewing expertise, no matter where they are. So, those are the artisans I will seek out, content to bask in the glow of their innovation, while offering my own liquid lessons. What lessons you ask? How my being brewed in their brewhouses will change them for all eternity, of course. You should continue checking in with me. Who knows where I may end up, and how I might taste at these noteworthy temples of liquid arrogance.

Along with the road trip, you’ll see new snarky labels on the back of the bottles (Seen above.) Follow along –