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Stinging Nettles, Yarrow, Lavender, & Bog Myrtle. Oh yeah, and Peaches

Dogfish Head and Portsmouth Brewing have collaborated to create “Fru-it Gru-it.”  A gruit  medeval is a beer style that uses herbs and spices prior to the widespread use of hops.   You know Dogfish is involved, so it’s going to contain some interesting ingredients.  Both Delaware and New England ingredients (from the home of Portsmouth.) So what?

The base beer is an amber porter, with peaches from Fifer Farms in Delaware, Stinging Nettles, Yarrow, Lavender, and Bog Myrtle.  Malts  include North American 2-Row, European Pils, C-60, C-120, Carafa II DH, Chocolate Malt, Black Malt, Roasted Barley, Aromatic, Flaked Barley

For this collaboration beer, Tod and Sam decided it was best to use some old ingredients and some new ingredients that would uniquely reflect the terroir of both New England and Delaware. The base beer for their ‘Fru-it Gru-it’ is an amber porter. During the boil, 30# of Delaware peaches from Fifer Farms near Dover will be introduced to the brew kettle. In addition to the stone fruit, an assortment of lavender, stinging nettles, yarrow and bog myrtle. The nettles came from Tods backyard in Maine while the rest of the herbs were sourced from either New Hampshire or Vermont. A further 30# of peaches will be added to the fermenter before the wort is mixed with brewers yeast.

Availability: TBD

5.5% ABV