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Start Getting In Line, Pliny The Younger Returns 2/3/12

In a new blog post, Russian River mentioned the first time they will see one of the most sought after beers in the world – Pliny The Younger.

One quick thing about Pliny the Younger- we will be releasing it at the pub on February 3, 2012. It will be available for 14 days, no growlers, we are not bottling it, and it will be distributed in limited amounts as usual. I will provide more later as it gets closer, but that is all the information available right now! So no need to email us as we don’t know anything else at this time. We haven’t even made it!

Draft only, released at the pub.  Anyone selling it online, or trading for it is ripping you off.

One thought on “Start Getting In Line, Pliny The Younger Returns 2/3/12

  1. what is the scene like on release day? Is it hysteria…and, can you get it at the pub on any other day or is it pretty much 1 and done?

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