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St. Louis Firm to Offer ‘Partner Brewing’ Facilities

As the craft beer industry continues its exponential growth, a pivotal aspect of said growth is often overlooked – the overhead cost of facilities.  While many breweries wish that they could expand faster and increase their distribution umbrella, many just do not have the means fiscally. A St. Louis firm is looking to change that by offering facilities similar to those who co-pack food items or rent out certified kitchens. BrewHub will offer ‘partner brewing’ providing the means for many to brew their beer under their own supervision, package it themselves, and distribute it from the BrewHub facilities. The first location is slated to launch in Lakewood FL with the possibility of 5 other locations on the horizon – Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Texas and the West Coast.

“There are so many craft brewers making amazing beer today, and the demand from consumers is almost insatiable. We believe our partner brewing model will allow craft brewers a great opportunity to expand their business and reach new consumers.” Brew Hub CEO Tim Schoen.